Window construction

Today’s emerging markets require flexible production.

The high quality standards of our customers, large product variety and short delivery times are all factors which demand more and more from producers. For these reasons, we‘ve developed high tech equipment for the window industry. Our Fitting and Clip Assembly Centre gives renowned customers the opportunity to expand their roles as pioneers.

Examples of Window Plant Manufacturing                             (wood, wood-aluminium, plastic-aluminium)

Screw and Clip Assembly Centre

The Fitting, Screw and Clip Assembly Centre for wood, wood-aluminium and plastic-aluminium leaves.


Through the development of fittings and clip assembly run by a digital camera, database connections are no longer needed for screw positioning. No more data needs to be serviced. Our high-tech system recognises and screws in fittings fully automatically. Clips for wood-metal versions are also set automatically. Potentially warped wood is compensated for automatically. The entire system is modular. This allows the full automation to be implemented in stages.


Movie Window manufacturing center (Wood, Wood / Alu): Mobile version

Clip Assembly Center

High Speed ACS 


The High Speed ACS ​​System is a fully automatic system that applies clips to wood-aluminium and plastic-aluminium windows. The High Speed ACS ​​is suitable for a single machine and may also be integrated into existing lines. Our special image processing system can fully compensate for tolerances on the leaves on an automatic basis. 


Movie ACS high-speed: Mobile version

Scanner Systems, Image processing


Scanner systems and high tech image processing scanner systems are an indispensable part of modern production lines. For that reason, VAP has established extensive scanner and camera technology including image processing in window construction.


Aktuelles / Updates

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