TRC - Timber Repair & Cosmetics

The theme of Timber Repair & Cosmetics plays an increasingly vital role in the Woodworking industry.


The manual repair of wooden surfaces represents a so-called "bottleneck" in each production. To eliminate this problem, VAP has written on the "flags".


VAP developed TRC technology and is the absolute market leader in this field.


The umbrella term "Timber Repair & Cosmetics" or TRC refers to machinery and equipment for different power output ranges and types of repairs.

In addition to the standard machines, there are also customised versions.

Various types of TRC facilities have been developed and implemented over a period of several years. As a result, there are systems designed "just" for spackling, boats, natural wood dowels or wooden pegs. Various combinations thereof can also be implemented.

We will happily design and implement the appropriate machine or system based on customer requirements (industry, quality standards, and required capacity).


Based on the "one-stop shop" motto, all equipment including the "faulty spot eye" defect scanner was developed in-house at VAP.

Our company offers you the advantage of a complete solution.     


Movie TRC 3000 fully automated: Mobile version

TRC - The advantages in summary:

  • Reduced labour costs
  • No dependence on technical skills
  • Significant reduction of scrap due to perfect spackling and repair
  • Multi-coloured part repair
  • Automatic repair of part edge defects
  • The special filling material is safe for people and the environment
  • Strong hold of the material through a special injection process
  • Large damaged areas are only filled in using a spackling process 
  • The repaired parts can be stacked immediately after filling the defects

"Bottleneck" by manual repair

VAP eliminates this bottleneck by TRC (Timber Repair & Cosmetics).

TRC Customized


Whether it is flooring, panelling or lumber finishing, VAP has a suitable solution handy. If there is still no solution for your request, VAP will simply develop one for you. 

TRC 3000+ with stack handling

TRC Standard


Since November 2012, WINTERSTEIGER AG has been responsible for the manufacturing, sales and service of TRC standard machinery.


TRC-M Easy              TRC 1000           TRC 2000                 TRC 3000


faulty spot eye (scanner)



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