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Friction Stir Welding (FSW)


At VAP, FSW systems are specially designed and manufactured in accordance with customers’ requirements. The products range from simple linear systems to CNC-controlled multi-axis portals for complex component geometry.

Friction stir welding is an innovative joining process for light metals. This process means that, due to the high FSW seam strength, considerable weight savings can be made in lightweight construction. Another big benefit of this process is the low input of heat into the product to be joined.


Benefits of the FSW process:

  • Temperatures below the melting point
  • Low thermal distortion
  • High static and dynamic seam strength
  • Non-porous, impermeable bond
  • Bonding different materials
  • No welding splashes
  • No smoke emission
  • High availability and low energy consumption
  • No additional materials (welding wire, gas)
  • Simple seam preparation

Welding device


For the optimal utilisation of your system, we are developing and manufacturing individual welding and clamping devices to minimise set-up times.

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